Junior Summer Tennis Camps

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Summer 2017 is Here!

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Weekly Summer Junior Tennis Camp Schedule
May 29—August 11

Come join Hilton Head Island Tennis for our annual summer junior tennis camp Monday-Friday at the Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Resort! Each day offers loads of terrific tennis instruction and competition plus fun in the sun. Sessions can be done by the day, by the week or in 4 week blocks—best results are achieved when training for 5 sessions within one week. Reservations are highly recommended as walk-ins may be turned away if a class is full.

Quick Start 1 Hour Camp (Ages 5-10)

This program focuses on hand-eye coordination, striking skills and lots of movement to better prepare your child for higher level tennis skills utilizing the USTA's 10 and Under Tennis format. Players are grouped by age and ability in up to 3 levels and use balls in three different stages of compression for the appropriate level of the student. Older and more accomplished players will work on more detailed stroke production along with match play. A half-day Summer Camp program (see next section) for children ages 8-10 with experience and the ability to be active from 9-12 is available, and includes games and activities designed to improve your child's athletic ability in addition to time spent on the court. To receive a discount for 5 days over more than 1 week OR for the 4 week discount, please call (843) 301-2113 after booking and the discount will be credited to your card or added to your account.

Quick Start 1 Hour Program
  • Ages: 5-10
  • Time: 8am - 9am
  • Cost: $16/day or $70/five days

Summer Camp - Beginner, Intermediate, and Tournament Level (Ages 8-18)

Players are grouped primarily by ability (then age) in this program. Beginner to low intermediate focuses on sound stroke production and introduction to drills and movement. Intermediate to advanced focuses on stroke production and movement combined with fast paced drills, strategy, tactics and the mental game. Players will work on live ball situations and match play when appropriate levels are present. To receive a discount for booking 5 days over more than 1 week, please call (843) 301-2113 and the discount will be credited tyo your card or added to your account.

  • Ages: 8-18
  • Time: 9am - noon
  • Cost: $48/day or $210/five days used as you like
    OR $470/4 consecutive weeks - unlimited (does not carry over after 4 weeks)

Tournament (Elite) Camp

The ranked junior will find this program to be a most comprehensive and intense training session. In addition to the morning session, an afternoon session is added which includes IPad Video enhanced training including a copy of recorded sessions featuring each student's major strokes; and additional training including match play, fitness and fast paced drills. Reservations are required for this program. To receive a discount for booking 5 days over more than 1 week, please call (843) 301-2113 and the discount will be credited to your card or applied to your account.

  • Ages: 10-18
  • Time: 9am - noon and 3pm - 5pm
  • Cost: $75/day or $335/week

Reservations are recommended.

For detailed questions please call Director of Tennis Eric Wammock at 843-301-2113.